Type is Beautiful: The Story of 50 Remarkable Fonts

The Bodleian Library in Oxford has a publishing wing which produces books whose subjects relate to its collections. They asked me to write a book of typefaces; it’s not a top fifty in order, or even a top fifty at all, although many of them would have to be included were you to compile such a thing. A small number have even been reviled, but I felt they were significant despite that, and that all of them had a good story to tell.


Submitted for the Cundill History Prize


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Loxley... has a terrific eye... Beautifully produced, this is a


book to be dipped into, talked about, and shouted at.



France Wilson,

The Daily Telegraph

This fine book … has the hallmarks of a classic … readers



may be forgiven for reaching the last pages feeling rather intoxicated


Nancy Campbell,

Times Literary Supplement