Ultrabold: The Journal of St. Bride Library

The idea for Ultrabold came in 2005 as

St Bride Library, the finest archive in Britain for everything related to the world of visual communication, moved from being supported by the Corporation of London to a self-funding status within the St Bride Foundation. The journal, something the Library had never had before, would serve as an incentive to join and stay with the Friends of St Bride Library. It could also provide something of a friendly face for the

Library for those who lived a long distance away, or overseas. I both edited and designed Ultrabold from its first issue in 2006 until its latest in 2016. St Bride’s internal restructuring has now called a halt to the journal, at least for the present. But that leaves what, for me, is a startling total of 18 issues, cumulatively a fascinating body of material, and something of a snapshot of a decade in the life of the Library, and of some of the things it has in its collection.

My profound thanks go to everyone who so generously contributed their research, writing and pictures to make up the wonderful content of all those pages. You can obtain back issues at the Library’s online shop here. Equally deep gratitude to everyone at Principal Colour, who printed and supported the journal from the start, and transformed an idea into a reality.