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I created these images for
A Geography of Horror: the ghost stories of M.R. James and the Suffolk Landscape, using Illustrator to recreate film and tv stills, which
I thought made an effective contrast to the other images in
the book.

AshTree [Recovered].jpg

Three illustrations for my series of ‘Ghost Story for Christmas’ cards: In Amundsen’s Tent by John Martin Leahy, 
Summer Afternoon by Shirley Jackson, and Three Miles Up by Elizabeth Jane Howard.

Downtown Burgers.jpg
Avenue B grocery.jpg

Two wooden structures in Austin, Texas, where you can get something nice to eat.


This was a visualisation of my son’s fantastic book, Writing in the Dark, published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson. It’s a recreation of three Georgian houses in Mecklenburgh Square, London, during an air raid. A writer, disregarding the danger, has been careless with their blackout curtains, drawing the attention of a warden, who directs a woman to the nearest shelter.


I did a short course on modelmaking at City Lit in London, which really inspired me. I’d like to make some more.

Two buildings housing three shops, in the market square in Woodbridge, Suffolk.


Emery Walker’s House, no. 7 Hammersmith Terrace: I imagined Walker being reprimanded on his doorstep by Thomas Cobden-Sanderson for not pulling his weight at the Doves Press, with May Morris, who lived at no. 8, coming round to break up the altercation.

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