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Ultrabold 21.Birdcover(revise).jpg
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Ultrabold: the journal of St Bride Library


The two issues celebrating St Bride Library’s 125th anniversary appeared in Spring and Autumn 2021, and to mark this special occasion, are available with four cover options, the designs of which are split between issues 20 and 21: half now, half later…


The covers have been created by the talents of (above, from top left to bottom right) Rui Abreu, Vaibhav Singh, Luke Bird and Carol Kemp.

In the current issue, number 21, our librarian Sophie Hawkey-Edwards reviews the year and looks ahead; the second part of our history of the Foundation and the Library takes us through the twentieth century and beyond; Catherine Dixon and Mick Clayton test you with our ‘Compositors’ terminology quiz’: Ursula Jeffries examines the life, work and career of early ‘influencer’ John Southward; Paul Stirton looks at Max Burchartz and the graphics of Weimar-era Germany; we show just a few of some of the great images you produced for ‘We Are Type’; and I write some some book reviews.

You can buy a copy at the Library’s

issue 19 cover.png

Issue 19 is also available.

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